Our bonuses

Do you want to get a discount in our ICO?
Here are our offers:

Bonus are acumulable! For example, if you invest $1000 at this stage, you will get 50% bonus (Early contributor) + 25% (Volume Bonus) 

Early Contributors Bonus:

  • 50% Bonus: It’s available ONLY for the first 1.64million MF Tokens sold. Once they are sold, the bonus will decrease to 33,33% and will never be available again at 50%. (next bonus tiers: 23%, 16.67%, 13%, 9%, 4.76%, 0%)

*The bonus will be applied automatically if you contribute directly in our Smart Contract with ETH. If you contribute through our webpage, you have to introduce the coupon “r3”. (All the process is detailed here

Volume Bonus:

  • 5% Bonus for contributions bigger than $150 (Coupon: bigger150)
  • 15% Bonus for contributions bigger than $500 (Coupon: bigger500)
  • 25% Bonus for contributions bigger than $1000 (Coupon: bigger1k)

*Volume bonus are ONLY available for contributions made through our webpage. The Smart Contract doesn’t allow volume bonus.