Moon Funding’s Vision

Moon Funding aims to disrupt both “startup incubators” and “exchanges” sectors. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you will earn with us.

  • The requirements of a startup incubator are difficult to meet for a first-time entrepreneur: once you have your idea, you need to contact an incubator, interview with a representative, elaborate a summary of objectives and a plan, get your project analyzed by a comittee. If it’s approved by them, get private funding from angel investors, etc.
    In Moon Funding, all we require from the entrepreneur is the idea. Our members will help you to develop/improve it and everybody will be able to invest in your company in real-time while we build your company on your behalf!
  • In existing exchanges, if you are a good trader you earn, but if you are not, you lose. Moon Funding is different. All the startups listed on our exchange will issue dividends once they are profitable and if a project goes bankrupt, you will get a refund of half your investment, paid by our safety net.

Do you want to join the team?

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