Pablo Galve Millán

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Passionate developer looking for opportunities to grow. Self driven and always learning.

Relevant Work Experience

Developer (Remote)

Moon Funding | Aug 2017 - March 18

I worked as a developer for this blockchain-based startup, building the technology that they needed.

I worked on:
  • Create our own cryptocurrency.
  • Blockchain based smart contracts.
  • The company website.


Trading Engine

Personal Project | Sep '18 - July '20

Real-time matching engine that allows trading between users.

  • Matching Engine in real-time
  • Interactions between client and server/database
  • User account system: Register/login/trade/store funds...
  • Create and send buy/sell orders

Fallout Strategy

University Project | Feb '20 - June '20

Real-time strategy game in which you have to survive and defeat the enemy factions to win. As the QA Manager, I was responsible for assuring the quality of the project. I also contributed with:

  • Spawns and Upgrades System.
  • Fog of War.
  • The website.
  • Randomizing the possibilities.

Back In Time

University Project | Sep '19 - Dec '19

2D Platformer game coded for a university subject. My contribution was the following:

  • Collider system implementation.
  • Entities system.
  • Save/Load.
  • Debug Features.

Samurai Shodown

University Project | Feb '19 - June '19

This was my first project at university. Me and my 3 teammates recreated the fighting game Samurai Shodown from 1993. My contribution was:

  • State machine for player movement
  • Special attack and combo input
  • Basic collider system
  • QA: Detecting and fixing bugs